Responsibility towards the Environment

In the field of corporate social responsibility, NLB Banka pays special attention to sustainable development and environmental protection. The Bank traditionally organizes the competition NLB Organic, within the scope of which it awards the best projects in the area of organic farming, thus supporting and contributing to the promotion of organic production as the production which contributes to the health of people and environmental protection.
NLB Banka Belgrade continues to support further development of this type of agricultural production by persistent funding of organic production to the same extent as the certified producers try to persist in their intentions to offer organic products to citizens.
NLB Banka Belgrade has been implementing the measures aimed at environmental protection in the field of reduced electricity consumption and use of paper. The Bank separates waste paper and packaging waste which is then handed over to the legal entity authorized for the collection and transportation of non-hazardous waste and it recycles its toner cartridges, all printing done at the Bank is two-sided and energy saving measures have also been introduced.