Responsibility towards Employees

NLB Banka Belgrade enables its employees to work in a dynamic, creative environment, with a possibility of professional development and advancement. In the year of business turnaround, the bank has achieved good operating results, mainly tanks to its employees, their good mutual cooperation and common vision.
The Bank pays a great deal of attention and time to employee education, and particularly to internal training which helps its employees to perform their jobs more easily and to advance in their careers.
Researches based on employee participation, aimed at measuring the employee satisfaction, defining the employees’ image of the environment in which they work make a part of the corporate culture not only of NLB Banka but of the entire NLB Group. The objective of the Bank is to define the activities which will contribute to the improvement of organizational climate and engagement of all employees. The employees themselves are the best representatives and a mirror image of the bank, and that is why we continue our engagement in their development and creation of the work atmosphere for the best staff in the market. .