Key Values of NLB Grpoup


The NLB Group is responsible towards its clients, colleagues, shareholders, owners, other business partners and the social and natural environment. Understanding the clients and concerning for their positive user experience is our main responsibility. This includes the understanding of their needs and the related risks for themselves and for the NLB Group. We carefully and responsibly build partnerships with all those we enter business relationships with. As employees, we have a duty to each other and to all stakeholders to act professionally and with commitment and mutual respect in our work. We are committed to integrity, and to facing challenges with courage. With due responsibility, we take care of the reputation of the banking and broader financial activity and also meet our responsibility towards the broader social and natural environment. 

Honesty and credibility

Honesty is the basis of each responsible action, particularly in banking. We are committed to keeping promises and meeting targets. We are honest and pursue the highest ethical standards. We meet our promises, achieve and exceed the expectations of our clients, business partners, shareholders, regulatory and other competent bodies and the society at large. We cooperate in the implementation of the NLB Group strategy and we are actively committed to the fulfilment of strategic objectives in the spirit of credibility and honesty. We draw attention to challenges and encourage each other until the objectives have been met since we are aware that the companies of the NLB Group can only be successful by combining our strengths, knowledge and experience. We are aware that we are stronger and the best when working together.


Open communication and cooperation are the basis of our work. Before speaking, we first listen. Our word is our bond. We state clearly what we can and cannot do. We appreciate and actively seek feedback. We share information openly, and in a timely fashion. We give constructive criticism in a respectful and honest manner. We share knowledge for the good of the NLB Group, and learn from one another. In communications, we are straightforward and unambiguous. We do not fear difficult questions and do not shift our tasks to others. We work with all stakeholders in good faith, and with professionalism.

Focus on solutions and innovations

We find solutions and resolve problems by creating benefits and added value for our customers. We understand that each problem has at any given time multiple solutions, so we are innovative in search of the best solutions. It is how we achieve mutual benefits. We invest in the skills of our employees and the quality of the working environment, thus contributing to the overall success of the NLB Group. We monitor modern trends and we are looking for and recognize new and better methods and approaches to providing services and products to customers. Innovation is also encouraged at the level of processes, organization and internal functioning in general and at the level of integrated solutions for customers, all aimed at improving the user experience (internal and external) customers, creating added value for our products and services and improving their accessibility. 



One of our fundamental objectives is efficiency in everyday work. We offer our customers effective and innovative solutions and added value, to save them time and energy. We optimise our processes so that the NLB Group teams can work efficiently. This allows us more time to devote to our customers. We actively reduce complexity to allow for simple operations, pursuing the modern technological solutions and modern lifestyle.