About the Bank

NLB Banka Beograd, with headquarters at the NLB Group Business Building in Belgrade, covers the entire market of Serbia through its wide business network, comprising of 28 branches in 3 regions.
NLB Banka operates as a universal bank, i.e. it offers a broad portfolio of banking services suited to the needs of both corporate and individual clients. Our banking experts and other professional staff are fully dedicated to improving our position in the market, caring responsibly for the needs of our clients, shareholders, employees and the wider community.
Our Bank’s mission is to maintain the optimal balance between the different objectives dictated by the contemporary business environment - between (1) fast growth and stability; (2) mass transactions and an individual approach to the client; (3) compliance with professional standards and flexibility; (4) global and local markets; (5) profit and social responsibility.
Conforming to the policy of the Government of the Republic of Serbia, NLB Banka is a regular participant in numerous programmes providing incentives to the local economy and the financial sector, especially in the area of providing subsidised loans.
NLB Banka is a member of the NLB Group – the largest international financial organisation of Slovenia.

Our employees are dedicated to presenting the products and services from our portfolio to existing and potential clients in a new and appealing manner, by organising a number of interesting promotions through which private clients can become more familiar with the Bank and get answers to all their questions regarding our Bank’s operation and offers. In this and many other ways, the Bank continuously strengthens its relationship with its clients.