Corporate Social Responsibility


The specificity of the financial sector and markets in which NLB Banka Belgrade operates make the positive image of the bank one of the main factors of its competitive advantage. The idea of corporate social responsibility of NLB Banka is primarily aimed at encouraging the responsible conduct of the company for the benefit of the society. The adoption of ethical principles in business operations, philanthropic activities and the manner in which NLB Banka Belgrade deals with its broader social and ecological environment in conditions of contemporary and globalized business system have become increasingly important factors for the adoption of decisions on which pillars of corporate social responsibility our business culture should be based. Each partnership is based on responsibility, equality, tolerance, solidarity and openness. 

NLB Banka is part of the largest financial group based in this region, NLB Group, which regards Serbia as its strategic market. Business activities of NLB Banka and of the whole NLB Group incorporate high standards of social responsibility in all its aspects, including in terms of responsibility in operations, towards clients, but also in terms of the responsible relationship towards employees, environment and local community in which they operate. That is how NLB Banka confirms its place among local and international companies which are aware of their role in society and are ready to contribute to solving the issues relevant for the community as a whole.
The corporate social responsibility of NLB Banka Belgrade is based on:
• Responsibility in business operations
• Responsibility towards employees;
• Responsibility toward the civil society;
• Responsibility towards the environment.
The projects initiated or supported by NLB Banka Belgrade were focused on support to sustainable development through the project Organic, elderly care (the Spring Awakening project), support to the educational system, social inclusion of the youngest and children from vulnerable groups.